Who am I?  I am a stressed individual like everyone else.  Through art, I have visualized my own anxiety and joy, sometimes simultaneously within the same painting.  Using art, I’ve analyzed what troubles me, or what I truly want, and it has brought me inner peace.  This process has given me wisdom and insight on what to focus on in order to rebuild myself with happiness.  Watercolor in particular has helped me learn how to let go when trying to control something that is uncontrollable. Instead I learned how to lead and make paths that the watercolor will follow, and accepting the results.  I have learned to trust my own guidance.  

​      When I see others going through similar stress, who are in need of wisdom and insight to what troubles them, I empathize their pain.  I try to create relatable artwork to help them remember what they love, or sometimes what they need to come to terms with.  My art subjects usually reflect upon water-related elements, or beings that cannot be forced, but must be guided.  I strive to help people become self-aware of the good aspects within themselves and within their lives, so they can learn how to guide themselves closer to those happy elements.  My artwork tries to remind everyone to feel the struggle and joy that come with living, and know we are not alone but together.

Gallery Member + Resident Artist

2020 to   Somerset County Arts Council

2021         1100 W Main Street, Crisfield, Maryland, 21817

                    Wednesday-Friday 11am – 3pm

Gallery Member

2019        Art League of Ocean City

                    502 94th Street Ocean City, Maryland 21842

                    Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm



Bachelor's in Fine Art

      Concentration in Painting & Drawing

      Salisbury University 2020

Associates in Business Management

      Concentration in Small Business

      WorWic Community College 2017

  Gallery Shows

Mar 2021      Strong Women

                      Somerset County A.C.

Sept 2020     Members Exhibition

                      Somerset County A.C.

Sept - Dec    Nexus

    2020          S.U. Fulton Hall

May 2020      62nd Senior Exhibition


Oct 2019       Divine Feminism

                      S.U. Student Art Center

Oct 2019       Future of Art

                      S.U. Student Art Center

May 2019      Affordable Art Fair

                      S.U. Art Gallery

April 2019     Fragmentation 

                      S.U. Student Art Center

Mar 2019      Painting Now 

                      S.U. Student Art Center

  Solo Gallery Shows

Aug - Nov     Starbucks Café Gallery

    2019          Barnes&Noble's N. Salisbury

Oct 2019       Colorful Dialogue 

                      Guerrieri Student Union

  Art Mediums 

Wood  -        Bentwood Rings, Stone Inlay

Ceramic  -    Stoneware

Graphics  -   Illustrator, Photoshop

Paint  -          Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Ink​