Since 2013, I have perfected my technique of creating "bentwood rings" as a form of handmade wooden jewelry. The particular style of woodworking called "bentwood" is the overlapping layers of thin wood to negate all weak-points within the wood grain to avoid breaking at any angle of impact. In simpler terms, each ring is a durable wooden structure that is stronger than a gold or silver ring band. 

   Every ring has a scratch-proof and water-proof protective coating applied to the entire surface. Bentwood rings take a total of 7 days to create, and are not able to be mass produced with machines due to the variability of natural wood grain. I personally only use one electronic tool to create the rings. Everything is created and carved instinctively with precise hand-eye coordination. Ring widths vary from 2mm - 8mm wide and are made using US ring sizes.

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